• Melanie Williams

I have done 100 jabs!

Yesterday marked one hundred injections of ‘Strensiq’ to help alleviate the symptoms caused by Hypophosphatasia (HPP). The road over the last three months has been challenging. Initially learning how to inject and the stress and anxiety of, will this work? Then the raging, burning injection site reactions. Trying to find a space between the flaming, itchy red wheal to put the needle in. Now on day 101 I am feeling more settled into the daily routine of injecting. I am no longer anxious and am accepting of the reactions to the injections as they have diminished considerably now I am on ‘Benadryl’. I am feeling less exhausted and am hopeful that by the summer I will have less pain. This drug is going to take its time to work. I have had 60 years of life without this Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme it is going to take time to build in my system.

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