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Day 5 on Strensiq (Asfotase Alfa)

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Today was my final day with Wendy. All was going well. I drew down the medication and then tried to remove the needle ready to attach the next one. I twisted, turned and pulled but no way was it budging. Wendy had a go as my hands don’t grip too well. She couldn’t do it either. I got some pliers and managed to get it off. Anyway it turns out the drawing down needle was the wrong fit! So glad it happened today! Teething troubles! I’d be mortified to waste a vial. All sorted now though.

By today i have three red reaction sites. They seem to appear on the 3rd day. So far they aren’t too itchy.

I felt a little bereft when Wendy left. The training has been great though so it will be fine. I also have an open invite to call her if needs be. I’ve also been phoned by my specialist nurse from Sheffield too today so I’m well looked after.

Tonight is my first Travel adventure with Strensiq.

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