• Melanie Williams

Day 4 on Asfotase Alfa (Strensiq)

Slept well once again but not for so long. By this morning I had very low grade slightly raised red patches on my first two injection sites but they are not itching.

Today I injected into my stomach again. I learnt something today too as I stuck the needle in and then accidentally pulled it out as I tried to move my hand to push down the plunger. Fortunately it didn't fall to the floor so all was well. Obviously getting too full of myself on the 4th day! It seems to be fairly painless into my stomach - it must be because I am cuddly and have plenty to pinch when putting the injection in! Into the leg it is definitely more stingy at the moment when pushing in the medication.

Still feeling a bit tired all day so am making sure I chill out whilst my body gets used to the medication.

#hpp #hypophosphatasia #strensiq #asfotasealfa

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