• Melanie Williams

Day 25

Wow we had a great time on holiday but I am now totally whacked! It was a great joy to see both our grown up children and grandchildren enjoying Disneyland and Paris. Their smiles were infectious and the excitement unbelievable. I was able to join in and see everything but only ventured onto the mildest of rides. I left the thrills to the more adventurous.

The family at Disneyland Paris
The family at Disneyland Paris

Whilst away the injection site reactions have still persisted and have been huge and extremely itchy. Some have even had bruises around them too. Yesterday was my day off from injecting and I was so glad. It's pretty daunting to keep injecting yourself when you know you are going to get a reaction. Onwards and upwards though as I know this is a process you have to go through.

Me and little Alfie
Me and little Alfie

I am back to my studio today and am really looking forward to getting my teeth into my work having sold a painting the other day.

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