• Melanie Williams

Day 2 on Asfotase Alfa

I slept extremely well last night as I was much relieved after the training yesterday and then doing the injection myself. Today we ran through things briefly again and this time I injected into my stomach. Well it was much less painful - in fact I barely felt it. So far I have hardly any reaction on my skin from yesterday's injection either. So absolutely brilliant. Wendy the nurse is going to come every day this week until Friday just to make sure all is well. She is a truly lovely lady. I have felt extremely tired afterwards so have been taking it easy so my body can get used to the medication. I have spent quite a bit of time on the computer researching travel carry bags and cool bags to keep the medicine between 2 - 8 ready for our trip away at the end of the month. I've gone for the MediGenix Cool Meds case and then ordered a Frio medical holdall not for its cooling properties as its not cold enough but for all the places to store everything.

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