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A month done!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The first month is up and it has been quite challenging. Initially I was pretty stressed about the process of injecting and how I would react to the drug. The first two weeks I was totally exhausted and barely rose from the sofa. After that the bone pain began to set in - now possibly that could be to do with the very cold autumnal weather we have been having - who knows. The site reactions became huge during the 2nd and 3rd weeks. So much so that they were all touching each other. I went on to Benedryl antihistamine and that certainly helped a bit. Over the last week I have begun taking Fexofenadine as well as Benedryl and the reaction sites have definitely shrunk but they are still extremely itchy for three days and then they begin to recede. So the reaction isn't lasting quite as long. The sites now go hard and itchy on the same day of injecting. I am injecting 6 days a week and, although challenging knowing you are going to get a reaction, it is much less daunting. I must say it is great to have that day off though!

I have been busy doing a lot of painting during this time. It has been a great distraction and good to get my teeth into something productive.

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