I Am Number 17

The piece of art below was created by me in #encaustic wax is inspired by my experiences of living with a rare disease called #Hypophosphatasia. #HPP. Little me not knowing what the future holds. Me trying to battle through my middle years on the right, carrying on regardless of the pain and struggles and the lady at the front is me now having the accept life as it is. The pool at my feet is intending to give a reflection of my life. The painting is called ‘Reflections’ an

Distraction Techniques

Real gnawing aching that has needed some serious pain relief and heat and ice.

Weak for a Week!

This last week on Strensiq has been challenging. Not only have I been exhausted for the whole time the injection site reactions have really

Living with HPP 2016

As a baby I wasn’t able to sit up without propping until I was about a year old. The hospital put me into traction and used physiotherapy during those early days. During early childhood I had problems with pain in my feet and was given exercises to strengthen and help improve my arches. Throughout childhood I had aches and pains in my joints and would complain and cry with the pain. My earliest memories are sitting on my Grandmother’s washing machine and complaining that my k